Alvarado Street Brewery Announces 10th Anniversary Events & Six Epic Collaboration Beers

Alvarado Street Brewery Announces

10th Anniversary Events & Six Epic Collaboration Beers


Celebrate 10 Years of Alvarado Street On The Monterey Peninsula

At Three Events Across The Region From May 3 – 5, 2024


Alvarado Street Collaborates With 18 Breweries

For The Release of Six Cans Throughout Northern California

“…One of California’s most exciting breweries…” –San Francisco Chronicle

“18 Best Breweries In California – Alvarado Street Brewery:

The wide array of pilsners, IPAs, and kettle sours can satisfy anyone’s beer craving,

but it’s the Mai Tai PA that has garnered some well-deserved recognition and accolades.” –Tasting Table

“#3 Favorite Small Regional Brewery in America: Alvarado Street Brewery” –Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine


Monterey, Calif.Monday, April 29, 2024Alvarado Street Brewery celebrates 10 Years of Drinking Fresh and 10 Years Of Burping Hops by hosting three special events at their various locations on the Monterey Peninsula from May 3 – 5, 2024. Alvarado Street also enlists a dream team of hop specialists for their 10th Anniversary for the release of six collaboration beers featuring the acclaimed Monterey brewery with 18 of their closest brewer friends. Repping both the West Coast and East Coast to spotlight true-to-form styles and the evolution of craft beer innovation, Alvarado Street brings beer fans sublime collabs with Other Half, Trillium, Cellarmaker, Firestone Walker, Faction, Monkish, Green Cheek, Cloudburst, Pinthouse, and more. These limited-edition collaboration beers will first be exclusively available at Alvarado Street’s 10thAnniversary events (May 3 – 5), and will then subsequently roll out to markets across Northern California the week of May 6th.

“The last decade has been such a pleasure — we’ve been able to live our dream and create delicious beer and serve it with great food and warm service to our community,” says J.C. Hill (Founder & Brewmaster, Alvarado Street Brewery). “Thanks so much to our customers and fans that make our job so rewarding, and also of course to our team at ASB. We have such dedicated professionals who obsess over detail, I’m truly lucky to work alongside them.”

Hoist a glass of Alvarado Street at one of their upcoming 10th Anniversary events and enjoy a truly exceptional lineup of six collaboration beers. Please see the details below.

Fri., May 3: 10th Anniversary Beer Garden Party @ Monterey Brewery & Grill (426 Alvarado Street, Monterey)

Alvarado Street kicks off the festivities with a 10th Anniversary Beer Garden Party at their original downtown Monterey Brewery & Grill (4pm – 8pm). Be among the first to taste through their 10th Anniversary beer collaborations as well as experience a tasty double version (8.2% ABV) of their first-ever brewed IPA at the brewpub, named Minesweeper. Tons of guest taps will be on hand featuring beers from the various collaborating breweries, including a draught-only Double Hazy IPA with Monkish. Also, enjoy items from their stellar food menu, including the brand-new 10” Cheesy ‘Frico’ Thin-Crusted Bar Pies in four styles: Old Town, Calabrese & Pineapple, Salchicha Macha, and Garden.

Sat., May 4: Kölsch Service @ Carmel Brewery & Bistro (Carmel Plaza, Suite 112, Carmel-by-the-Sea)

Alvarado Street hosts an early-20th Century Köln (Germany) tradition Kölsch Service for the first time at their Carmel Brewery & Bistro (11:30am-8pm). Revelers will indulge in the delightfulness of extremely fresh beer in .2L stangen (glasses) while köbes (servers) return with another stange of Kölsch once your glass is empty. No need to ask for another beer as köbes are on the lookout for empties while adding a notch to your deckle (coaster) to calculate how many stangen you’ve enjoyed. Once you’re done lagering, simply put the deckle atop your glass and you’ll be closed out for the day. Make sure to dive into German-inspired food specials while enjoying the company of your friends and family.

Sun., May 5: Cinco de Mayo @ Alvarado On Main (301 Main Street, Salinas)

For Cinco de Mayo, imbibe with an Alvarado “Main Street Michelada” (pictured to the right) while vibin’ out to tracks spun by a live DJ on the new Mezzanine (12pm-5pm). Check out crafts by local vendors (12pm-4pm), enjoy food specials such as Concha Bread Pudding, Verde Tacos, and Pastor Nachos, and play Lotería (5pm-8pm) to benefit CASA of Monterey County (Court Appointed Special Advocates For Children) at Alvarado On Main.

A limited number of custom glasses will be available for purchase at each 10th Anniversary event at the various Alvarado Street locations.

Alvarado Street Brewery – 10th Anniversary Collaboration Beers:

Renowned for their eye-catching beer labels over the past decade, Alvarado Street commemorates the eclectic aesthetics that have defined their cans with The Art Styles of Alvarado Street showcased across the 10th Anniversary collaboration beers. Styles range from Typography, Retrowave, Nostalgia, Cars, Swiss Modern, and Culinary. Check out the beers below:

DDH To Taste (DDH Hazy Double IPA, 9% ABV) – Alvarado Street + Burial + Other Half + Trillium

(The Art Styles of Alvarado StreetTypography)


EAST COAST SKAZE Sickest of the sick (haze), the East Coast rules this style. And as such we’ve reached out to the pioneering legends at Other Half, Trillium and Burial to bring you a truly pulpy, lupulin saturated juice bomb that’s a nod to the Northeast style. Combining a GIANT coolpool of Simcoe hops, we layer in multiple dry hop stages of hand selected Citra, Riwaka & Chinook to bring it home. Double Dry Hopped. To Taste. This is the way. To 10 more years of DDH!


Retro Resin (West Coast IPA, 7% ABV) – Alvarado Street + Altamont + Burgeon + North Park + Shred + Urban Roots

(The Art Styles of Alvarado StreetRetrowave)


WEST COAST OIL – Pale, brilliant, dry, bitter. We live for West Coast hoppy beer in all forms. We’ve banded with some of the state’s most prolific hop specialists to bring you this supremely dank, oily beast of West Coast nectar. Featuring experimental HBC 735, CTZ, Simcoe, Mosaic Cryo & Chinook hops, a combo we’ve found to tick all the boxes: old school pine & resin, grapefruit oil & punchy tropical fruit. To 10 years of BURP HOPS!

Nostalgic Face Swap (Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV) – Alvarado Street + Cellarmaker + Cloudburst + Faction + Pinthouse

(The Art Styles of Alvarado StreetNostalgia)


MORE PALE ALE PLZ – For the breweries we’ve worked with on this beer, there are two quasi-obsessions: Pale Ale & Simcoe. We all adore these two things, and it would be egregious to not brew a collaborative Pale Ale dominated with three different lots of Simcoe T90 pellets, Simcoe ‘301’ fresh hop cryo, and Simcoe 702 hop extract. The twist: a lil’ bit of exemplary HBC 586 hops to compliment said Simcoe. So there you have it, an easy drinking Simcoe heavy Pale Ale to celebrate 10 years of BURP HOPS!


Dream Ridez (West Coast Pilsner, 5.2% ABV) – Alvarado Street + Firestone Walker + Highland Park + Humble Sea

(The Art Styles of Alvarado StreetCars)


FOR THE LOVE OF PILS…IN ALL FORMS! – Malty, hoppy, neutral – we’ll take it. Any type of Pils and we’re in. And it helps to have some good friends that make the best lagers in the world! So we employed their careful advice and guidance to a current trend: West Coast Pils. A blend of California grown Admiral Maltings pilsner and traditional two-row malts, along with a bit of rice to keep the color extra light, we then layered a blend of old & new world hop varieties: Spalt Select, Mosaic, and McKenzie.


Spotlight Effect (Saison, 6% ABV) – Alvarado Street + Monkish + Sante Adairius + Yeast Of Eden

(The Art Styles of Alvarado StreetSwiss Modern)


SELF–INDULGENT SAISON – Built from a grist of California grown barley, wheat, spelt, and oats, and layered with a blend of old world hops, this snappy saison is an ode to our stateside friends and the Belgian originators. Crisp and thirst quenching, yet robust in flavor, this beer is a ready refresher for spring and the coming summer.


Cheeky Torch (Jungle Bird-Inspired Hard Seltzer, 12.5% ABV) – Alvarado Street + Green Cheek

(The Art Styles of Alvarado StreetCulinary)

THE PARTY STARTER! – Hey Pallys™!!! It’s Cheeky the party-loving conure from Green Cheek here! Now some might call me ‘seltz centered’… so I wanted Alvarado Street to make one of my epic cocktail inspired seltzers based on one of our favorites, the Jungle Bird! It’s got pineapple, fresh lime, lots of bitter orange peel and a few other ‘secret’ ingredients. It’s super refreshing and totallllly satisfies that Tiki craving! We hope you love it!

Alvarado Street Wins Big at World Beer Cup (Craft Brewers Conference – April 24, 2024: Las Vegas, NV)

Alvarado Street Brewery takes home three medals at this year’s World Beer Cup! Howzit Punch won a Silver medal in the American-Style Sour Ale category, Mai Tai P.A. won a Bronze medal in the American-Style Strong Pale Ale category, and Single Cone won a Bronze medal in the highly competitive American-Style India Pale Ale category. Alvarado Street’s latest wins add to an impressive portfolio of prestigious beer accolades, including 13 Great American Beer Festival medals (4 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze), two additional World Beer Cup medals, a Gold medal for Double Cone at The Bistro 23rd Double IPA Fest 2023, and Double Cone being awarded the Alpha King Challenge Winner (2019). Year after year (2014-2023), Alvarado Street’s original downtown Monterey Brewery & Grill is also recognized as the “Best Local Brewery” by their hometown Monterey County Weekly.

About Alvarado Street Brewery

Alvarado Street Brewery was founded by the Hill family in 2014. It began right at our original neighborhood brewpub in Downtown Monterey and has since expanded to five locations dedicated to serving Monterey County’s locals and visitors alike. We operate three restaurants and three breweries — our original 10 barrel (31 gallons per barrel) system in Monterey, our five barrel “R&D” system in Carmel-by-the-Sea, and our 20 barrel production brewery in Salinas. Over the past 10 years, our breweries have accumulated 13 Great American Beer Festival medals, two World Beer Cup medals, and other prestigious awards in local and national brewery competitions. We’re proud that our company recently earned the 2023 designation of the #3 Best Brewery in America (small regional category) in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. As an employer, we stand for equity and inclusion. As a community partner, we advocate for environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. We proudly welcome everyone through our doors and appreciate guests taking the time to visit us in the beautiful area we’re lucky to call home.

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