San Francisco’s Samovar Tea® 
Introduces 3rd Wave Tea

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San Francisco’s Samovar Tea®
Introduces 3
rd Wave Tea

San Francisco, CA – Samovar Tea® brings 3rd Wave tea to national beverage connoisseurs. A modern, handcrafted tea experience, Samovar Tea® has a single mission: brewing the best cup of tea in the world. 3rd Wave tea offers an authentic alternative to coffee and mass-produced/flavored teas, introducing meticulously sourced craft tea to the world.

After two decades of success with an array of beloved San Francisco locations, Samovar Tea® brings simplicity to drinking tea, making it easy, accessible, and affordable with an enhanced digital store. Founder Jesse Jacobs has taste-tested thousands of teas from his network of small family farms, to present only the top varieties at Samovar Tea® redefines tea as a high-quality, energizing and healthy daily beverage.

“I love coffee,” says Samovar Tea® founder Jesse Jacobs, “and after visiting the best 3rd Wave coffee destinations around the country, I realized that exceptional artisan tea was not accessible to beverage aficionados in the same way. I’m elevating tea to the same level as craft coffee by offering only the most amazing teas I can find. I’m introducing 3rd Wave tea for the first time ever in the world.”

Globally, the only drink more popular than tea is water. From humble origins in monastic cultures and medicinal circles (Origin), to Lipton Tea (1st Wave), then Starbucks/Teavana and David’s Tea (2nd Wave), Samovar Tea® represents the next generation the 3rd Wave of the world’s most popular beverage, tea.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Samovar Tea®, come enjoy the best cup of tea you’ve ever had!